How can we develop better leaders in my organisation? How do we improve our customer service reputation? How can we hire better employees? How do we close more sales?

As we have become increasingly technologically savvy, we seem to have regressed in the key ability to relate and trust each other. We are more likely to shoot people an email, post on their Face book wall, or tweet them than to actually communicate face to face – but you simply cannot build meaningful relationships in 140 characters. In many ways, technology has atrophied our ability to read people, to understand them, and ultimately, to trust them – as well as given us the greater ability to conceal our actual thoughts and feelings. So how do we build the interpersonal skills that make us remarkably better at business, and at life?

As an expert on human behaviour, Steve van Aperen shows companies how to restore trust within their businesses. In this engaging keynote, he provides key advice on how to forge healthy relationships within the workforce and translate them into healthy communication with customers. This is an incredibly insightful and entertaining program with more take-home knowledge than you have ever experienced in a speech.

Read your clients and watch profits soar

This informative 1 hour keynote presentation will teach you how to benchmark behaviours and read what your client or customers are really thinking and feeling. This popular keynote covers understanding and identifying micro and facial expressions and what the 4 key areas to look for when people engage in deception.

How to detect deception & read body language in business

Learn what the tell tale signs of deception are and how to identify them by analysing the content and structure of language. This keynote is particularly useful for managers, executives, recruiters, financial services industry, sales teams, negotiators, HR managers and the like.

The 7 Winning methods that build trust and increase profits

Learn from the marketing mistakes that some of the largest global corporations have made and how they turned themselves around. Learn Steve’s 7 Step winning strategy designed to build trust and create rapport whilst increasing sales and improving brand loyalty simultaneously.

Why women make better liars and men have no idea

This entertaining and informative 1 hour keynote presentation highlights the differences between how men and women process information. It also explores in a humorous fashion why women make better liars and men are so inept at lying.