If your business is so successful why aren’t your customers telling the world?

Find out why Fortune 500 companies use this man to dramatically increase their profits.

Are you looking for a dynamic keynote speaker that will have your audience talking for days after your event! Steve van Aperen is one of the most in-demand keynote speakers in Australia. See why companies and event organisers book Steve van Aperen as their keynote speaker to present at conferences, seminars and in-house training days.

As a highly sought after international public speaker, media commentator, author, behavioural analyst and business coach, Steve travels around the world teaching organisations how to read their customers, detect deception and watch profits soar. Let Steve show you how to read these verbal and non-verbal cues and prosper in business, sales, meetings, recruitment interviews and negotiations!

“Steve was one of the best keynote speakers we have ever had at the Harvard Club!”
Gary Alzone, CEO, Clubs of New York City.

Why top Fortune 500 companies have Steve present at their events and coach their senior executive teams.

  • Steve shows corporations, sales teams, executives, CEO’s and staff how to read customers and watch profits soar!
  • Learn how to use Steve’s 4 step plan to lead & win at the negotiation table.
  • If you are not using Steve’s unique “60 Second Profiling Technique” you may be missing out on lost sales opportunities!
  • Learn how to read what your clients & customers are really thinking by analysing body language, facial and micro-expressions during the sales or interviewing process.
  • Steve engages, fascinates and mesmerizes his audiences in such a positive way that they will be talking about it, well after your event.
  • Steve has worked with numerous planners and event managers over the years and understands the importance of a well organized event and how it reflects on event planners, businesses and client’s alike.
  • Steve connects with his audiences by providing informative, interactive and dynamic presentations that lead to repeat bookings.
  • Steve takes his audience on a journey. Having assisted police on 65 homicide and serial killer investigations Steve knows how to read people. Steve uses humor, fascinating real life experiences and anecdotal stories that will have your audience wanting more.
  • Steve is an energetic, passionate and enthusiastic speaker who individually tailors every presentation to suit each client.
  • Steve’s presentations are relevant and entertaining whilst providing a handful of take-always that can be put into practice immediately.

Gain An “Edge” When Interviewing, Selling Or Negotiating…
By Deciphering Messages Hidden In Body Language.

“Actionable information…entertaining presentation… and a measurable return on investment.”

Steve’s Client Include