He is an extraordinary man who is an expert in detecting deception. This man is a dead set legend.
Catriona Rowntree
Presenter and Journalist
He has trained with the LAPD, FBI and US Secret Service. Fascinating conversation.
Kerri-Anne Kennerley
TV Host
Watch what you say he can smell a liar.
Kit Hoover
Co-Host Access Hollywood Live
Steven van Aperen is known as the Lie Guy and as I discovered he’s pretty good at it.
Tom Steinfort
A Current Affair
Steve van Aperen is a man who studies the way people answer questions and at the same time their body language. He makes his living out of sorting truth from deception.
Mike Munro
Journalist and former 60 Minutes reporter
He is so good they call him the Human Lie Detector.
Sanjay Gupta MD
Steve van Aperen is an expert in reading people.
Ita Buttrose
AO, OBE Australian of the Year 2013
Steve is an extremely interesting individual…He is an expert in the non-verbal cues to look for when people may be saying one thing but thinking something else. He specializes in reading and analysing distress signals and facial expressions. I would certainly love to have him by my side in the business world, where his powers of observation would be a fantastic resource.”
Steve Waugh
AO Australian of the Year 2004 Former Australian Cricket Captain