Transform your event with the "Human Lie Detector."

Can you read what your customers and clients are really thinking? Imagine having the ability & skill sets to read people like a book during the sales process, meetings, interviews, negotiations and even how to detect deception. Or maybe you want to use the power of persuasion and influence to get your message across clearly and effectively. Steve’s keynote topics and unique training workshops will show you how to read body language and use behavioural psychology to build trust, motivate staff, read clients, deal with difficult customers whilst growing profits in the process! Having worked on 87 homicide and 2 serial killer cases he knows how to read people.

Steve is now hosting a new and innovative crime show about to be launched called “The Hunters.” The Hunters will see investigative crime journalist Adam Shand and “The Human Lie Detector” Steve join forces to crack famous crimes wide open.

The Hunters

Using skills honed across decades of experience, they uncover new leads and evidence, leaving police no choice but to re-open cases. Each episode examines a different high-profile case. Adam and Steve revisit crime scenes for a hands-on recounting of each crime, and with exclusive access to original detectives, eyewitnesses, survivors and crime experts, they paint a visceral picture of murders, kidnappings, horrific attacks and underworld assassinations. The Hunters is a production for the Seven Network.

Whether you want a fun conference energiser, plenary or closing speaker Steve will get your audience pumped, laughing and wanting more. Start or end your conference with a bang whilst leaving an impressionable and lasting memory.

Steve has spoken at over 600+ conferences and seminars throughout the world attended by thousands of delegates. He delivers training programs and one on one training to CEO’s, government departments, executives, fund managers, analysts, recruiters, sales teams, managers, investigators, the finance sector, media and many others.

Reading your customers and identifying what they are feeling or thinking requires a unique skill set. When human beings try to suppress an emotion it will often leak out and contradict the spoken word. Effective interviewers, recruiters & sales staff all need to identify the 7 behavioural indicators that are displayed by all human beings.

To do so consistently requires a novel approach. And the approach Steve developed — known as the “60 second profiling technique” — has remarkable applications in business and life.

Need a world class speaker?

The man dubbed “the human lie detector” was the guest speaker at a fantastic lunch and he did not disappoint. One of the most enjoyable and intriguing events I have attended. Steve van Aperen has been FBI trained and worked on some of our countries most notorious murders, specifically focusing on body language, language and personal traits. His insights into how AI and automation plays a part in his world along with tips to watch out for when customer facing, your personal traits and habits, and also with your peers, was absolutely fascinating. I thoroughly recommend this man for your next conference or event.

Murray Silver Partner Global at Campbell & Partners

“The consistent message from the 600 delegates who attended was their desire to hear more from Steve”

To make your event a success the keynote speaker you select has to be the right fit for your organisation or conference theme. When a company employs a speaker for their event they expect several things; value for money, a return on investment, audience relevance, to be entertained and to walk away with several key take-aways. These key ingredients are crucial to the success of any conference.

Having presented hundreds of keynote presentations at seminars, conferences and events world-wide with audiences ranging from 80 to 4,000 attendees Steve is committed to making your conference a memorable and talked about event.

“Steve will captivate and engage your audience. His presentations are interactive and hilarious”

Steve's most popular keynotes

How can we develop better leaders in my organisation? How do we improve our customer service reputation? How can we hire better employees? How do we close more sales?


What people are saying…

“Steve is an extremely interesting individual…He is an expert in the non-verbal cues to look for when people may be saying one thing but thinking something else. He specializes in reading and analysing distress signals and facial expressions. I would certainly love to have him by my side in the business world, where his powers of observation would be a fantastic resource.”
Steve Waugh AO
Former Australian Cricket Captain Australian of the Year 2004
Steve your presentation to the CEO Clubs of New York City was amazingly informative and entertaining. It is not often that we have a speaker that can keep command of the room the way you did today at the Harvard Club. The buzz in the room was that you were one of the best speakers we have ever had. Please consider visiting with us again any time you are in the New York City area - I can't thank you and Renee enough for adding tremendous value to the club and it's members.
Gary M. Anzalone
CEO Clubs New York City
“On behalf of Australia Post, I would like to thank you for presenting at our Platinum Forum on 27 March, 2009. Your talk on “Detecting Fraud by Analysing Behaviour” was a great hit with our guests. I particularly enjoyed the way you involved the group throughout the presentation. The Platinum Forum has been running in Sydney for several years and, thanks to your interesting session, looks destined for the same success in WA”.
Dean Nalder
State Commercial Manager Australia Post
Steve’s training was exceptional. It was one of the best courses that I have attended.
Gosken Kalkarla
NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

A measurable return on investment

As a highly sought after speaker, trainer, media commentator, author, behavioural analyst and executive business coach, Steve travels the world teaching executive teams, staff and CEO’s how to read their customers, detect deception and watch profits soar. Let Steve show you how to read these verbal and non-verbal cues and prosper in business, sales, meetings, recruitment interviews and negotiations

Discover why Fortune 500 and Australia’s top 100 companies have Steve present as their plenary keynoter at their conferences and coach their senior executive teams.