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Are you an effective interviewer?

Are you an effective interviewer? Communication is the process of conveying words, actions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  The process of communication can be done either through words (verbal) or through actions (non-verbal). A third area that needs to be evaluated is how that communication is conveyed (paralinguistic delivery). Finally the content, structure and detail of […]

Three guaranteed methods to build or re-build broken trust in business.

Do you want to increase profits? Do you want your customers to be your best sales advocates? If so then you need to build trust with your customers, NOW! Never in the history of Australia have there been so many Royal Commissions into unethical, dishonest or illegal practices committed by corporate entities such as the banking and financial industries, religious organisations, aged […]

The top 14 signs to look out for when you are being lied to.

Everyone lies. We all lie.  From children with their hand caught in the cookie jar “I was going to give it to Fido” to Presidents, Nixon about Watergate and Clinton about Lewinski. We often think that we are good at spotting a lie during an interview, meeting, negotiation or pre-employment interview but research suggests the […]