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Master Certificate in Detecting deception, reading body language and conducting effective behavioural interviews

There are 15 instructional videos to help you read people like a book. Watch Steve’s introduction below.

Designed for

This Master course is meticulously designed for anyone in recruitment, HR, marketing, sales, investigations, security, management, the financial and legal sectors or anyone who conducts interviews, negotiations or meetings with clients, staff, stakeholders, customers or anyone who would like the skill sets to determine when people are lying and how to read body language and conduct effective interviews.

Training covered:

  • The importance of building rapport, benchmarking behaviours and looking for deviations from normative behaviours

  • Teach you the four key areas to look for when people engage in deception

  • Explain the types of body language and lies that people engage in and why

  • Show you how to analyse paralinguistic styles of delivery

  • Illustrate how to analyse content and structure of language

  • Learn Steve’s unique “60 Second Profiling Technique

  • Teach you what response latency is and how to identify it

  • Show you why benchmarking an interviewee’s behaviour is so important

  • Explain the importance of why you should analyse clusters of behaviours

  • Learn what concealment, masking and blocking behaviours to look for

  • Help you detect qualifying statements and how people use them

  • How to identify lying by generalisation, omission and concealment

  • Teach you how to analyse verbal responses that lack ownership and truth

  • Give you real life examples of how people use language to deceive

  • Show you how to analyse changes in tenses, structure and delivery

  • Characteristics of body language

  • Questioning types

  • Effective Behavioural Analysis Questions

  • Theme development

  • Learn how to read facial expressions, micro expressions and distress signals that indicate objections during the sales process or during an interview or negotiation

During investigative interviews, negotiations, meetings or recruitment interviews most people will often try to suppress what they may be feeling or thinking. This Master certificate training program contributes towards 8 hours of continuing professional development and teaches what verbal and non- verbal cues to look out for when people may be saying one thing but thinking something else!

Reading people, witnesses, suspects, interviewees or customers and identifying what they are feeling or thinking requires a unique skill set. When humans try to suppress an emotion it will often leak out and contradict the spoken word. Effective interviewers, recruiters and sales staff all need to identify the 7 behavioural indicators that are displayed by all humans. To do so consistently requires a novel approach. And the approach Steve developed — known as the “60 second profiling technique” — has remarkable applications during interviews, in business and life. In addition this master course will equip the student in how to conduct effective behavioural interviews and provide a certificate upon successful completion in “Detecting deception, reading body language and conducting effective interviews”.

This self paced Master Certificate program consists of 15 modules filmed in high definition during one of Steve’s intensive 2 day training programs and providing those students who successful complete the course with a

Master Certificate in Detecting deception, reading body language and conducting effective behavioural interviews.

About the trainer

Your trainer, Steve van Aperen, is a highly sought after international keynote speaker, trainer and author and has received extensive training from the world’s leading international investigative authorities (LAPD, FBI, US Secret Service) in how and why people deceive. He has conducted behavioural interviews on 76 homicide and 2 serial killer investigations and has been consulted by various police departments, intelligence agencies and government departments to train their staff in his unique behavioural training programs.

Steve who resides in Melbourne, Australia has emerged as a leading authority on analysing human behaviour and today devotes his knowledge to helping investigative agencies, government departments and businesses thrive by increasing profits, building trust, improving human rapport, reading body language and demonstrating how to elicit information during interviews.

Steve’s takeaways are extremely valuable during meetings, interviews and negotiations when looking for conflict and contradiction between what a person is saying and what their body language is actually stating. This is an incredibly insightful and entertaining training program with more take-home knowledge than you have ever experienced in a training presentation.


There are a total of 15 modules in this online training program. If you wish to receive your Master certificate you need to achieve a pass rate of 70% or higher for each module. There is no limit to the number of attempts and it is advised that if you are having difficulties to re-watch the video associated with that module and complete the exam.


“Steve is an extremely interesting individual…He is an expert in the non-verbal cues to look for when people may be saying one thing but thinking something else. He specializes in reading and analysing distress signals and facial expressions. I would certainly love to have him by my side in the business world, where his powers of observation would be a fantastic resource.”

Steve Waugh AO Australian of the Year 2004 Former Australian Cricket Captain

“Steve was excellent. Without exception he was a huge success, setting the tone for a very successful day. The consistent message from the 600 delegates was the desire to hear more…they found his information and his presentation ‘fascinating and relevant’. Steve has great presence and uses his time to maximum advantage. Very fluent and professional.”

Carole Gregson, National Employment Services Association

Dear Steve, Your presentation to the CEO Clubs of New York City was amazingly informative and entertaining. It is not often that we have a speaker that can keep command of the room the way you did today at the Harvard Club. The buzz in the room was that you were one of the best speakers we have ever had. Please consider visiting with us again any time you are in the New York City area – I can’t thank you enough for adding tremendous value to the club and it’s members.

Gary M. Anzalone, CEO Clubs New York City

Dear Steve. I attended the 27th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference in Las Vegas in April, 2016, and was lucky enough to attend your presentation which was brilliant – insightful, entertaining, and very informative. I trained as a psychologist in Ireland almost 30 years ago and earned under-graduate and post-graduate degrees in psychology which facilitated my work in professional practice. I am a Certified Fraud Examiner and an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco teaching classes in professional ethics and fraud mitigation.

My focus, however, completely changed when I witnessed your presentation at the ACFE conference and noted the many ways in which you skillfully and hilariously consolidated the art and science of assessing and interpreting human behavior: delightful and compelling.
In summary, your presentation was remarkable and reawakened my desire to once again explore your area of expertise, i.e. the basis of human behavior which, despite our mesmerizing intellectual advancements, still exists and demands to be understood.
Thanks Steve.

Colm Martin

Dear Steve. On behalf of the Fawkner-Merlynston Probus Club committee and members I would like to express our appreciation to you for your talk given to our members at our monthly meeting held on Monday, 13th April 2015. Your talk was received with great interest by our members, who were intrigued by your account of criminal cases you have worked on and your illustrations of how to detect deceptive behaviour through various methods including the analysis of verbal language, body language and facial expressions. Following your visit, many members have since commented to me on the highly professional manner in which your talk was presented and on how much they enjoyed the occasion.

I would like to add my personal thanks for the excellent presentation you provided and offer you my best wished for the future.

Harold Jones Speaker Coordinator Probus Club Inc.

“On behalf of Australia Post, I would like to thank you for presenting at our Platinum Forum on 27 March, 2009. Your talk on “Detecting Fraud by Analysing Behaviour” was a great hit with our guests. I particularly enjoyed the way you involved the group throughout the presentation. The Platinum Forum has been running in Sydney for several years and, thanks to your interesting session, looks destined for the same success in West Australia ”.

Dean Nalder, State Commercial Manager Australia Post

Steve’s training was exceptional. It was one of the best courses that I have ever attended.

Gosken Kalkarla, NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

Fantastic course Steve. Your presentation and energy is superb.

Anne Wooding-Giles, Assistant Registrar, Identity Security NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

Both workshop sessions were packed, the fact that the second one was full, means that delegates from first session let everyone else know that they should attend – very good sign. Steve was great.

AMP 2009 Annual Convention

My colleagues and our internal stakeholders found Steve’s presentation refreshingly new, interesting and thought-provoking. I don’t think this style of presentation is out much in the market so the new-ness of it was great to see. When asked to rate the usefulness of Steve’s presentation for their work, 90% of respondents rated it four or five out of five.

Commonwealth Bank

Very engaging. Loved the fact that Steve included audience participation. The feedback from the delegates was excellent. Was their favorite speaker!

PPM Group (Annual conference 2010)

The 2010 conference of the Bursars’ Association of New South Wales, Back to School, was regarded as an outstanding success. On behalf of the members of the Association, I sincerely thank you for presenting at our conference. The attendees regarded your contribution as one of the highlights. You assisted greatly in the achievement of the overall success of the event and your worlds of wisdom were very much valued by all.

Sue Pynenburg, President, Bursars’ Association of NSW

Hello Steve…..I watched one of your dvd’s. It was amazing. My problem is that I’m now analyzing everyone when they speak to me…haha. Brilliant work.

Terry Mercuri

“I have used Steve’s services to great effect and I have attended at a training seminar run by Steve regarding “Behavioural Interviewing, Detecting Deception & Reading Body Language”. As an investigator over very many years one tends to get the idea that one has seen and done it all. This seminar really opened my eyes to recognise exactly what I was seeing. This has added a significant dimension to my skill set that can only benefit those that I provide a service to. I thoroughly recommend anyone that has a need to interview people, be they PI’s, HR Specialists, Auditors, Personnel Recruiters or whatever, go to one of Steve’s seminars, you won’t regret it.”

Bill Hayes , MBA, CEO


The training course and certification is $97
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