Learn how read body language, detect deception and increase sales in the process!

Melbourne – 12th November 2018
Sydney – 15th November 2018

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Imagine having the skills to read your customer’s body language and detect when people are deceiving you rather than just relying on your perceptions, instincts or intuition! Imagine the possibilities knowing what your interviewee or client is thinking or feeling?

Research has found that all humans exhibit the same facial expressions associated with fear, anger, joy, contempt, disgust, sadness and surprise. Interestingly enough even when we try to conceal these emotions they will often express themselves within a 25th of a second. This in itself is extremely valuable when looking for conflict and contradiction between what a person is saying and what their body language is indicating.

This instensive 1 day training masterclass will also teach you to look for blocking, concealment and masking gestures, defensive barriers, preening and grooming behaviours and show you how to build trust and analyse content and structure.

Often a truthful person’s responses will include memories, ownership, pronouns, feelings, places, names, descriptions and conversations. Their delivery is more fluid, detailed, specific and comprehensive as they have experienced what has occurred. When someone fabricates or embellishes information they need to make-up a story that sounds plausible and credible. This one day masterclass is a must attend for anyone who conducts interviews or wants to know how to read their customers and clients.

Read your clients and watch your profits soar. This course is ideal for sales managers and staff, investigators, HR Managers & recruiters, portfolio managers, analysts and others wanting to have an advantage in the interviewing process.

This 1 day Masterclass will:

• Teach you the four key areas to look for when people engage in deception
• Show you how to identify and use mirroring, leading and anchoring
• Explain the types of body language and lies that people engage in and why
• Show you how to analyse paralinguistic styles of delivery
• Illustrate how to analyse content and structure of language
• Learn the “60 Second Profiling Technique”
• Teach you what response latency is and how to identify it
• Show you why benchmarking a person’s behaviour is so important
• Explain the importance of why you should analyse clusters and groups of behaviours
• Learn what concealment, masking and blocking behaviours look like
• Help you detect qualifying statements and how people use them to buy credibility
• How to identify lying by generalisation, omission and concealment
• Teach you how to analyse verbal responses that lack ownership and truth
• Give you real life examples of how people use language to deceive
• Show you how to analyse changes in tenses, structure and delivery
• How to use psychology and the power of influence to increase sales
• Learn how to read facial expressions, micro expressions and distress signal and watch sales soar!
• How to build trust and rapport that have clients recommending your services over and over.

About the presenter.

Steve van Aperen is known throughout the world as an expert in the field of interviewing, reading people and detecting deception. Steve has received extensive training from the world’s leading international investigative authorities in how and why people deceive. He is often consulted by police detartments, homicide squads, intelligence agencies, the Department of Defence, corporations and the media and has been affectionately named the “Human Lie Detector”. Steve has presented in excess of 600 keynote presentations to international audiences on how to read people and grow profits. Steve was invited to Tehran in July, 2016 to present to 1,000 CEO’s and entrepreneurs at the 6th World international sales and marketing conference on how to build trust and grow profits.
In 1996 Steve was the first Australian Police Officer to graduate from Western Oregon University USA as a certified polygraph examiner. After graduating Steve trained with and examined polygraph testing and behavioural interview techniques utilised by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Polygraph Unit, US Secret Service, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Steve is an international public speaker, author, trainer and media commentator who provides his services to private, government and corporate organisations throughout the world. Steve together with co-author Andy Shea wrote their book “The truth about lies: Uncovering the fact from fiction “published by ABC Books. In the book Steve illustrates how to uncover deception drawing on a number of cases including OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton, David Beckham and others. Steve has appeared on numerous television programs around the world including Access Hollywood, CNN with Sanjay Gupta, WB 11 Morning News NYC, 60 Minutes, Madison Magazine, ABC News Australia, and many more. Steve has conduted thousands of interviews and assisted police in 87 homicide investigations and 2 serial killer investiations.
This distinctive level of knowledge and experience provides Steve with the expertise to conduct entertaining and informative training and presentations.

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12th November

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15th November

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