Reading body language (In-house) course

These unique one and two day training courses will:
  • Show you how to read and interpret body language during a meeting or interview
  • Teach you the four key areas to look for when benchmarking behaviours
  • Explain the types of body language that people engage in and why
  • Show you how to analyse the most common non-verbal signs associated with confidence and deception
  • Illustrate how to analyse preening and grooming gestures
  • Learn the “60 Second Profiling Technique”
  • Teach you what response latency is and how to identify it
  • Show you why benchmarking an interviewee’s behaviour is so important
  • Explain the importance of why you should analyse clusters and groups of behaviours
  • Learn what concealment, masking and blocking behaviours to look for
  • Help you detect qualifying statements and how people use them
  • How to identify behaviours associated with omission and concealment
  • Teach you how analyse and interpret hand to face gestures during an interview or meeting
  • Give you real life examples of how body language is much more overt than the spoken word
  • Put your skills to the test by analysing various videos
  • Show you how to analyse sub-conscious changes in posturing and casual body movements
  • Learn how to read facial expressions, micro expressions and distress signal that indicate objections during the sales process or an interview.