Behavioural Interviewing (In-house)

Steve Van Aperen provides exclusive private and corporate behavioural analysis interview training, to both senior professionals,HR Managers and human resources staff. Behavioural Analysis Interview training is particularly useful for investigators, police, media, customs and defense personnel.

This training is all about breaking down and analysing the interview process in detail, from the communication and power dynamic to how body language and expressions inform impressions. If you’ve ever had an interview you thought went well but you didn’t get the job, or if you’ve ever hired someone who turned out to be nothing like they seemed at interview, this training will prove incredibly valuable.

These one and two day training courses examine the following areas:

  • Understanding the communication process
  • Interview stages
  • What makes a successful interviewer
  • Passive V Active Listening
  • Barriers to effective interviewing
  • Establishing rapport
  • Using rapport during the bench marking process
  • Guidelines to Facilitate Interactive Rapport Building
  • Mirroring, Leading and Anchoring
  • Detecting Deception
  • Analysing Verbal behaviours
  • Understanding response latency
  • Analysing Non-verbal Behaviours
  • Typical truthful behaviours.
  • Typical deceptive behaviours.
  • Non-verbal behaviours – four main categories:
  • Significant posture changes
  • Personal grooming gestures
  • Supportive and protective gestures
  • Eye contact and facial changes
  • Characteristics of body language
  • Visual Processing Auditory Processing
  • Kinaesthetic Processing
  • Questioning types
  • Effective Behavioural Analysis Questions
  • Theme development
  • Practical interviewing exercises
  • Analysing content & structure
  • Analysing and dissecting various videos for deception